a blossoming love

Your floral designs will be in every image of your ceremony, reception photos and, of course, wedding portraits!

You can have the most perfect dress and flawless hair and makeup, but if your flowers don’t match, the overall aesthetic will seem incomplete.

At Manor Park, we make sure your floral arrangements become part of the stunning imagery of your wedding day.


From bouquets to buttonholes, flowers play a big part in weddings.

Just as the Bride’s wedding dress significantly impacts the style and feeling of the wedding, so do the flower arrangements.

With their beauty, colour, elegance and style, wedding flowers can be used as an expression of love as well as an element of design. 

Your Perfect Flowers

With flowers coming in all shapes, sizes and colours, there is no limit to what can be done to bring your wedding day visions to life.

From the simple to the elaborate (and everything in between), we will work around your requirements to ensure your wedding flowers are as perfect as you’ve always imagined.



your dreams - in full bloom

Our passionate wedding planning team bring enthusiasm and creativity to help you choose your wedding flowers.

When you work with us, we will help you to choose flowers that not only reflect your romance but make a lasting and joyful impression on you and your guests.

From bouquets and ceremony flowers to centrepieces, arches and elaborate hanging installations, we are here to bring out the best of your flower arrangement ideas.